Two Dooly State Prison inmates were injured Wednesday while responding to a fire call outside the prison.

That’s according to an email from a Georgia Department of Corrections spokeswoman.

Gwendolyn Hogan said it happened just after noon Wednesday.

Inmate Shown Woolley was driving the fire truck and inmate Christopher Sears was a passenger.

She said Woolley lost control over the truck and overcorrected. The fire truck landed on its side in a field.

Thursday morning, she said both men are being treated at area hospitals.

According to the Georgia Department of Corrections, Woolley is serving time on 13 different convictions in four different counties, including burglary, credit card theft and eluding officers in Houston County.

Sears is doing time on several Houston County drug charges, including a 40-year sentence for methamphetamine distribution.

According to the Dooly State Prison website, “Selected inmates can take part in work details which include working on a farm, recycling center, firefighter, maintenance, painter, and other supportive roles for agencies within the county.”