Apparatus Specification

Apparatus Specification

Apparatus specification services can be tailored to the fire department’s needs. EVR can step in at any point of the process, but the greater value and return on investment will be recognized the earlier we are involved. The services offered are broken out into logical points of our involvement.

1.) Emergency Vehicle Response (EVR) can assist the fire department/commission with developing the technical specifications for the desired apparatus. EVR will ensure this specification meets all NFPA standards and conforms to current manufacturing practices and design criteria for the type of vehicle being designed. The specification created along with an EVR custom boilerplate, that is favorable to the fire department/commission, can be offered to manufacturers.

Upon receipt of the bids, EVR will review the bids and will tender a written report that compares the bids to the written specification to ensure compliance. This report will identify the line items that were offered in the bid that do not meet the specification. The exceptions, clarifications, and price will be reviewed from each manufacturer and EVR will recommend a manufacturer or manufacturers who best meet the specification. The report tendered to the fire department will assist in making the final decision. The fire department or commission will have the final say on manufacturer selection and will notify EVR when the desired manufacturer is selected. 

2.) EVR will review the specification proposals from the preferred manufacturer prior to the signing of the final contract, including any consortium or contract pricing and technical submissions for compliance with the fire department/commission requirements. EVR will provide suggestions to enhance the safety, functionality, reliability, and longevity of the designed apparatus. EVR will meet Virtually or in person with the fire department/commission to discuss recommendations prior to the final contract signing. EVR will be available during this period for any required conference calls to obtain the necessary information and to assist both the fire department/commission and apparatus committee through the process. 

3.) EVR will be available to attend the pre-construction conference, mid-point, and final inspections to continue to provide guidance and suggestions to enhance the safety, functionality, reliability, and longevity of the designed apparatus. EVR will also ensure that the apparatus is built to the fire department/commission standard, the written specification, and any applicable NFPA standards.