Aerial Operations

The Apparatus Architect: Apparatus Design & Ground Ladders

Over the years, fire departments long have recognized the importance of carrying portable ground ladders...
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Mike Wilbur: Aerial Apparatus Operational Footprint and Scrub Area

When buying aerial apparatus, fire departments strive to purchase a vehicle that will at least serve...
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Aerial and Elevating Platform apparatus of all kinds represent some of the most expensive pieces...
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Apparatus Architect

The Apparatus Architect: The Ground Ladders that Your Rigs Must Carry

Let’s say that your department’s apparatus fleet plan this year calls for the replacement of...
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Heavy Rescue Rigs: It’s More than Just Size

When contemplating new heavy rescue apparatus, one of the first design criteria is to determine...
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The Apparatus Architect: The Apparatus Industry: A Year in Review

The past 14 months presented a number of challenges for apparatus manufacturers, for component suppliers...
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Emergency Vehicle Driving

Apparatus Design and Rollovers by Mike Wilbur

If you have looked at any fire service news websites with any regularity you realize...
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Apparatus Supplement: Having the Vision for Positioning

Apparatus positioning, like nearly all facets of the fire service, does not have a “one-size-fits-all”...
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Know Your Legal Terminology

As a group, we firefighters enjoy a good deal of community support, both locally and...
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Apparatus NIOSH Reports


Fire fighters may be at risk for crash-related injuries while operating military surplus vehicles that...
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Manual Adjustment of Automatic Slack Adjusters May Contribute to Unexpected Brake Failure on Automotive Fire Apparatus

NIOSH recommends that all fire departments operating fire apparatus equipped with automatic slack adjusters (ASAs)...
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Improper Set-up of Aerial Ladders with a Locking Waterway May Put Fire Fighters at Risk

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 May 08, 2008 Improper Set-up of Aerial Ladders with a Locking...
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