About Emergency Vehicle Response

Michael Wilbur has been a career firefighter with the New York City Fire Department for 27 years, and is also a volunteer firefighter.In FDNY, Mike was assigned to Ladder Company 56 for 15 years 8 as an apparatus operator and in 1995 was promoted to the rank of Lt. and is presently assigned to Ladder Company 27 in the Bronx.Lt.

Wilbur also serves on the FDNY apparatus purchasing committee, and has given state certification to the FDNY chauffeurs school.

Mike is also a contributing editor for Firehouse Magazine and Fire Apparatus Journal.He has also served on the IFSTA validation committees for the Apparatus Operator and Aerial Operator Manuals.

Lt. Wilbur in nationally recognized in Emergency Vehicle Operations, Apparatus Placement and Purchasing.

Tom Shand is a forty six year veteran of the fire service having started his career with the College Park Fire Department in 1970 while studying Fire Protection Engineering at the University of Maryland.

Tom spent 28 years working in various engineering and sales positions for several apparatus manufacturer’s including Saulsbury Fire Apparatus and RD Murray in New York.

He is a senior partner at Emergency Vehicle Response conducting fire protection surveys and apparatus engineering work. He also works to support both the with the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Fire and Emergency Services preparing technical bid specifications, bid proposal reviews and conducts final inspections for all newl fire apparatus for both agencies.

Tom is a contributing editor to both Firehouse Magazine and Fire Apparatus Journal and has previously written books covering the history of Hahn Motors, Young Fire Equipment and the Syracuse, New York Fire Department.