Just after 1 am, there was a crash on I-45 northbound just south of Rayford Road where a pickup hit the wall. With oil and fluids on the ground, TXDOT was notified. Several lanes of the freeway were closed with emergency vehicles blocking. Traffic was light and being routed to the right lanes As they continued to wait at about 3 am. A 29-year-old female from Conroe driving a 2022 Toyota Corolla failed to slow and slammed into a South Montgomery County Fire Department Ladder Truck. pushing the 75,000-pound truck with three firefighters sitting in it. None of the firefighters were injured. The female was pronounced deceased on the scene. She was transported to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy. According to South Montgomery County Asst Fire Chief, the truck could be down anywhere from 3 months to a year if it isn’t totaled as the vehicle hit in the right rear of the truck where the outriggers are which support the truck when the ladder is extended.

Video from:

Scott Engle
Montgomery County Police Reporter