AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — An Augusta firefighter turned too fast when a fire truck overturned on Washington Road near the entrance ramp to Interstate 20 last week, according to the crash report.

The Augusta Fire Department vehicle, a 2002 Piece Manufacturing Tilt Cab Aerial Fire Truck, was traveling west on Washington Road at its intersection with I-20 Westbound ramps at Exit 199.

The driver of the fire truck was responding to an emergency call with his lights and sirens active. The driver of the Augusta Fire Department vehicle stated that he was attempting to make a left turn on the I-20 west on-ramp and the brakes locked up. The firetruck began a slight counterclockwise rotation while making the left turn and struck the curbing and overturned onto the right side.

A Richmond County Sheriff’s Officer observed multiple tire marks indicating braking and slight rotation. The Officer’s investigation determined that the firefighter operating the unit was traveling too fast for conditions due to the angle of the turn he was attempting and the unique weight distribution of the fire truck.

There were four skid marks measured, one 29 feet, one 37 feet, one 58 feet, and the other 34 feet in length. According to the accident report, the fire engine received disabling damage in the crash.

All three firefighters injured in the crash were wearing lap-and-shoulder seatbelts. None had apparent injuries following the crash. The ages of three firefighters involved were 34 years old, 36 years old, and 51 years old. At 34, the driver was the youngest firefighter on board.

According to the spokesperson who responded to inquiries by WJBF, it is too early for any potential actions to be taken by Augusta Fire Department in the Washington Road crash as the investigation is still ongoing.