Three MO FFs Injured as Engine Rolls while Responding

Three Black Jack firefighters suffered minor injuries Tuesday night when their fire truck veered off the road.

Black Jack Fire Protection Chief Michael Gantner told Fox 2 that a car pulled out in front of the engine. In an effort to avoid the collision, the rig’s driver swerved. It rolled over and came to rest in a ditch.

The crews were responding to a house fire in Florissant.

Walter Linsey, a neighbor, told reporters: “Unfortunately, it looks like someone may not have been paying attention. From what I understand, he had to slam on the breaks coming over the hill. Tried to avoid a vehicle coming out of the subdivision, lost control of the firetruck, which then slammed into a tree and rolled over. But thankfully, they all made it out alive. Not sure where the vehicle went that pulled out in front of them. But they did their best to avoid it.”

There was no information about the civilian driver.