A Henry County Sheriff’s Deputy is out of the hospital Thursday after being hit by a car while at the scene of an accident the day before. Henry County Sheriff Lane Perry said that it’s a miracle that Waddell is out of the hospital and home on Thursday.

Deputy Corey Waddell was hit by another first responder coming to help. The 19-year-old volunteer firefighter who hit Waddell works at the Collinsville Volunteer Fire Department.

“We are a very close family as far as the fire service goes. But we also, we work with the Sheriff’s Office and the State Police so much,” Collinsville Fire Chief Jeff Beam said.

Beam says with the large number of accidents he and his volunteers respond to, whoever can get there first gets in their car and goes.

“The majority of the people that go come on the scene do come on their personal vehicle,” Beam said.

Beam says it’s a common practice in the county when almost everyone is a volunteer.

“Law enforcement does know that there is dangers, anytime we are working on the side of the road, we work around a lot of traffic and you’ve got to be conscientious all the time,” Perry said.

Perry says Waddell was standing near the guard rail when he was hit and sent airborne.

“He was walking over the shoulder of the road and never even saw the vehicle, it was coming to pull off on the shoulder of the road as well,” Perry said.

Both agencies say this is a safety reminder for all.

Waddell has been treated and released from the hospital.

Tonight, Perry says the agencies are thankful. Waddell did not break any bones and he is at home recovering.

“That’s a miracle and we are very thankful, thankful for the community’s prayers and support that they have shown,” Perry said.

Virginia State Police say the firefighter may be charged pending the investigation.