Multiple people were hurt after a fire engine slammed into a Stockton home Wednesday morning after a crash involving two other vehicles, police said.

A gas station employee KCRA 3 spoke with said the owner of the home involved in the crash was across the street paying for coffee when the firetruck went into their home.

“We heard all the booms, and then we looked out, and the owner of the house that the fire truck is sitting in, he was at the counter paying for his coffee,” said the worker, Kerrie Hatfield.
The Stockton Police Department said the crash happened at West Lane and Alpine Avenue around 7:05 a.m.

The fire engine was traveling north on West Lane while responding to a fire when it crashed with a red sedan in the middle of an intersection. The sedan had been traveling east on Alpine Avenue.

The drivers of the two vehicles were hospitalized, with the truck driver in critical condition and the other having minor injuries, police said.

Four firefighters in the engine were also hurt, though they are expected to be OK.

Video showed the fire engine well into the home, causing significant damage. The roof of the home appeared to be on top of the engine. The overturned pickup truck was by the fire engine.

KCRA 3 crews on scene Wednesday afternoon saw a red “do not enter” sign posted on the home’s front door. Police said code enforcement was at the home looking at its structural integrity.

The intersection near the crash was reopened by 3 p.m.

Because the crash happened at a busy intersection during the morning commute hours, multiple people witnessed the collision.

“I pulled over, got out, checked on the guy in the red car, and then went and checked on the truck and the guy in the truck was unresponsive,” Patrick Worley said. “Bleeding really badly.”

Worley said he was “shaken up” by what he saw, but said he knew he needed to stop to help.

“I hope somebody would do it for me, you know?” he said. “That’s somebody’s son, somebody’s brother, possibly somebody’s husband going to work. Wrong place, wrong time. I hope he’s okay.”

Video shared with KCRA 3 by a witness shows multiple people running to the scene moments after the crash.

“I heard skidding and a bang,” David Krause, who was nearby, said. “Once I heard the bang I rode down this way, got to the store, and everybody at the store was running that direction.”

Stockton Police said they are still investigating how and why the initial crash between the fire engine and the red car happened.