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Ferrara Builds Compact, Streamlined Pumpers for the San Francisco (CA) Fire Department

Ferrara Fire Apparatus recently delivered eight compact, streamlined pumpers to the San Francisco (CA) Fire Department that allow the department to better negotiate congested streets, and handle the city’s hilly terrain. Anthony Rivera, assistant deputy chief of the San Francisco Fire Department, says, “Our rigs are unique in terms of needing extra horsepower and torque...
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Apparatus Architect: When Specifying Apparatus, Size Matters

Consider for a moment many of the consumer items that we purchase during our life. For things like a new pair of shoes or piece of clothing, most of us would instinctively want to try them on to make sure they fit and feel comfortable. If we were looking at a new car, we would...
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Apparatus Architect: From the Super Pumper to Today

Fire departments across the country have designed apparatus and corresponding operational procedures to deliver high-caliber master streams at major incidents. Dating back to 1937, Los Angeles City Fire Chief Ralph Scott designed two American LaFrance duplex pumpers that were equipped with twin 1,250-gpm fire pumps, one at the cowl behind the engine and one in...
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Apparatus Architect: Conducting the Preconstruction Conference

There are thousands of parts and components that are utilized in the construction of a new piece of fire apparatus. When you consider the complexity of modern vehicles, it is no surprise that it requires and extensive background in mechanical and electrical engineering to fully understand how all of these components interact to provide a...
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Apparatus Innovations-Back in the Day

Fifty years ago no one in the fire service would have been able to predict the degree of engineering technology that has impacted the design of today’s fire apparatus. Electronic and safety components have been integrated into all sizes of apparatus with touch screens, wireless controls and envelope operation of aerial ladders as just some...
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