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The Apparatus Architect: The Ground Ladders that Your Rigs Must Carry

Let’s say that your department’s apparatus fleet plan this year calls for the replacement of Truck 4, which is a 2005 100-foot  quint rear-mount ladder, with a new rig. Truck 4 is equipped with 158 feet of portable ground ladders, including two 35-foot, three-section extension ladders and several 16-foot roof ladders. While the apparatus committee...
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Heavy Rescue Rigs: It’s More than Just Size

When contemplating new heavy rescue apparatus, one of the first design criteria is to determine the length of the rescue body, followed by the preferred body material of either aluminum or stainless steel. For fire/rescue departments that have operated heavy rescue or squad apparatus for several years, their experience in their community often guides these...
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The Apparatus Architect: The Apparatus Industry: A Year in Review

The past 14 months presented a number of challenges for apparatus manufacturers, for component suppliers to those manufacturers and for fire department’s that are planning new vehicle acquisitions. Beginning in early 2022, several apparatus manufacturers announced price increases that would take effect during the first quarter of 2023. These costs must absorb the effect of...
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The Apparatus Architect: Fleet Replacement Success Stories

In many cases, the shortage of trained personnel and supply chain deficiences have led to longer apparatus delivery times, in some cases approaching 20 months or more. This creates conditions where the planned life cycle for frontline units must be extended. This also means that reliance on spare or reserve apparatus, to back fill when...
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The Apparatus Architect: Apparatus Purchasing Best Practices

For many departments, the past 18–24 months presented many challenges while they continued to provide fire/rescue services to their community. The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic caused departments to alter response protocols, acquire enhanced PPE and fire station cleaning to protect personnel, and adjust training regimens, among other changes in daily shift schedules. Apparatus cleaning...
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