New video has been released by the California Highway Patrol of the pursuit of a stolen Sacramento Fire Department truck from East Sacramento in North Sacramento.

At 8:39 p.m. on May 18, reports came in that a Sacramento Fire Battalion Chief’s truck had been stolen, according to the Sacramento Police Department.

Air resources from the Sacramento Police Department and the California Highway Patrol Valley Division Air Operations allowed police to locate the stolen truck near R and 30th streets.

The video shows infrared footage of the stolen vehicle being pursued by at least two police vehicles on the ground in what looks like a residential area.

During the chase, ground units deployed spike strips and attempted multiple pit maneuvers to stop the vehicle.

In the aerial footage, white-hot sparks can be seen shooting from the wheels of the stolen truck as the thief continued the chase at low speed.

After some time the stolen vehicle was stopped by police and around a dozen police vehicles can be seen surrounding the vehicle near Calvados Avenue and Fairfield Street near Old North Sacramento.

At this point, police shot “less lethal pepper balls” into the truck as the driver refused to follow police commands and barricaded themselves inside the stolen vehicle.

The driver eventually left the vehicle and was brought into custody.